A majority of our inspiration for this game comes from the real life game, Beer Pong. A simple drinking game played at parties. However, we saw more in it than just a VR drinking game.

What it does

It creates and projects a 3d model to represent the user, and a virtual reality for the player to move and react in. As you play more Beer Pong, you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol affecting you. This can be used to easily re-create a drunk state without endangering the player's health in the real world.

How we built it

We started by creating the bases for our 3D models in MagicaVoxel, they were further developed and curated in Blender. The animation, scene building, and lighting was all done through blender. The audio that you hear, the best friend, the opponent, background noise, was recorded afterwards and all of it together was shoved into A-frame.

Once we got our characters and other objects to A-frame, we had to build a world in which the player could interact with everything we had worked so hard to create perfectly. We ended up using a simple room with some borders and a lot of test work to ensure that things actually ended up the way we wanted it to.

Challenges we ran into

Most notably, we had to create our own physics engine. A-frame is a newer software still in it's infancy, (v0.8) which is incredibly good for simple projects. However, it doesn't come equipped with many of the features that it's more complicated competitors do.

After we (thought we) had finished the bulk of the project, we ran into a loading problem. A-frame was lagging due to the sheer number of assets that we had poured into our project. To fix this, we ended up being forced to present one object at a time.

Originally, we wanted to cover a social issue, namely, sexual harassment and assault. However, it quickly became obvious to us why there weren't more public showings of such a "genre" of gameplay. It was really creepy.

Overall, we started off dreaming really large and continually cut our game down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of having created a 3D space, complete with the laws of motion and unit collision.

What we learned

We learned how to draw, create and animate in a virtual 3d universe. We learned a lot of what not to do, including trusting just one software for a large portion of our work without a lot of experience in it beforehand. Most importantly, we learned an overall skill of narrowing down our vision and focusing on a few specific goals at a time.

What's next for Beer Pong VR

If possible, we would like to bring our original vision to life, a lively party scene where you play Beer Pong but unknowing to the user, the real task of the game is to stand up and prevent a sexual harassment from happening in the distance. This way, our game has a unsuspecting educational story to it.

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