Arnaud and I work together at Dynatrace in downtown Detroit and we're in charge of the company beer fridge, which means we get endless emails from our coworkers requesting beers and such.

What it does

Beer Guardian is a web app that allows Dynatrace employees see what beers are in the company fridge, rate beers, and request beers to be ordered in the future.

How we built it

Beer Guardian is built on NodeJS with the ExpressJS framework and a MongoDB database. Daniel wrote the server-side code, and Arnaud wrote the web frontend. It is hosted in AWS EC2 using docker and docker-compose, with an nginx load balancer.

Challenges we ran into

At around 4am it became difficult to read the words on the screen.

What we learned

Next time, bring a sleeping bag.

What's next for Beer Guardian

I think a 1, maybe even 2 billion dollar acquisition isn't out of the question.

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