Mailboxes are outdated with the innovation of email and instant messaging, which often leaves important paper messages and packages unseen and susceptible to theft. We wanted to change this, with a portable, powerful, connected device.

What it does

BeepBox checks if your mail has been delivered, sends you notifications of mail delivery, and if you mailbox is opened improperly. It also includes an anti-theft mechanism to keep away evil-doers. You can also use SMS to get reports of whether or not your mail has been delivered and possible threats.

How we built it

We built BeepBox using the MHacks Hackerboard connected to an ultrasonic sensor and a buzzer. This device is connected wirelessly to Firebase, which is monitored by a web service built on Python. This service implements the Twilio API, and acts as a central client to send notifications and receive messages by SMS.

Challenges we ran into

Multiple hardware issues and limited components kept us from expanding the board to include more features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Quick communication between hardware, web services, and SMS protocol

What we learned

It is possible to seamlessly connect hardware to connected services

What's next for BeepBox

Adding a camera that can be remotely activated for heightened security

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