Beep Network notifies users by email and SMS when GDAX adds new markets. Though it currently only supports this one GDAX tracker, we envision adding many others. For example, a contract event tracker would allow users to get an alert when, say, their CryptoKitty gives birth. Users can sign up super easily with traditional social logins, a passwordless magic link, and NOW uPort!

How we built it

We built the alerting backend using a serverless architecture on AWS's Lambda and Kinesis. We're storing the "known markets" in DynamoDB and polling GDAX's API every minute. When a change is detected, we ship off calls to Twilio and SendGrid to send SMSs and emails.

On the frontend, we're using Auth0's passwordless authentication with both social logins and a magic link. Users can subscribe have an interface to subscribe and unsubscribe from email, sms, or both. The frontend is built with React and Redux.

We then slammed this together with the truffle box for uPort to add login through uPort!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying! Getting uPort working!

What we learned

We learned to build and manage a serverless architecture. We gained experience in simple passwordless authentication mechanisms.

What's next for Beep Network

Much more blockchain integration that we weren't able to get to. Mainly:

  1. New trackers Our current tracker simply polls an API. We'd like to build a tracker that connects to an Ethereum node to poll for contract events to track everything from CryptoKitty happenings to ENS registration events to your own wallet (for security).

  2. Authentication with uPort (UPDATE: DONE but not deployed) Unfortunately authenticating with uPort wasn't working for us during this hackathon, but we envision added a uPort login to manage email and sms alert subscriptions.

  3. Alerts through uPort and Status Push Notifications When available, we'd like to push alerts to dApps like uPort and Status instead of just email and sms.

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posted an update

Some testers who signed up for Beep were wondering what a "market" is on GDAX. It's simply a pair (e.g.ETH-USD). So if you sign-up for Beep alerts, you will receive an email / SMS when new pairs are added to GDAX.

Let us know in the comments if you think the term "market" is confusing and / or you think another term might be more appropriate. We'd love to get more feedback. Beep beep!

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