Why Beep Boop Box Beep Boop Box was our way of taking the retro throwback theme and connecting the user to their favorite childhood memories. For a lot of us, there was nothing more exciting then getting home to build a new home in Minecraft or fighting with our favorite Pokemon. Sounds can send us into another world and when thinking of 8bit sounds, we get delighted with thoughts of the "good ole days."

*What does Beep Boop Box do? How did we build it? * This program will give you two different options in reliving your past or created your newest tune on synth. The first of these is is our 8Bit Audio converter that turns your audio recorder into a way to save your favorite memories, 8-bit style! We also have created our own synth keyboard, utilizing the built-in keys that are mapped to your favorite 80's synth sounds! Using Python, the program should be simple enough even for the everyday user, utilizing easy-to-read menus and simple instructions.

Challenges Faced 1. the Raspberry Pi Originally, we wanted to use a Pi 4 to run this project and make it a small computer device. However, we noticed certain imports weren't installing correctly through Linux and it would give us a lot of admin hours. We overcame this challenge by switching over to windows and utilizing different audio recording imports.

2. Documentation While coding our project, most all audio python 3 packages' documentation was sub-par, leading us to dive even deeper to try to figure out exactly the syntax and usage of the packages, and even if they could do what we wanted them to do in the end.

3. 8bit Keyboard We planned on using a keyboard-to-sound program to make a user-friendly interface, but due to licensing for most libraries, we had to record our own synthwave sounds for our keyboard. Another issue was having the keys pressed in a timely manner, so as to be usable by the user.

What's next for Beep Boop Box Bigger and better things to come! We are hoping to one day create a version on Raspberry Pi for one. This could make a mobile version to bring with you (even though carrying around a laptop is like the new boombox!)

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