A friend of mine was traveling in Europe and she

What it does

A location-based app that allows you to select places you've been, and highlight places you want to go. Been2Go ties into Yelp so it always displays the closest restaurants. Been2Go also provides easy access to reviews and driving directions.

How I built it

Over a two day designing/coding period. Oh yea, and lots of coffee.

Challenges I ran into

Annotation Views with MKMap for iOS are tricky to use, and even trickier to manipulate. I had to do a lot of customizing in order to achieve the clustering algorithm and zooming into specific regions. The built in API just did not provide enough functionality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The pure simplicity. Sure the app could do more, but at what expense. Been2Go clearly identifies places you've been or want to go, and it does it well.

What I learned

Having strict release dates (in this case the deadline) helps make design decisions when selecting features to ship. This

What's next for Been2Go

I'd love to add a social experience to the app, allowing users to share lists and view places friends are interested in going. And find a way to make money, that's usually important at some point.

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