There is a problem with social media networks, they aren't run by users. Companies have an invisible hand that determines which content makes the front page. There is also no tangible incentive to make positive comments and posts with value. Content creators have to comply with strict and sometimes arbitrary guidelines in order to monetize their content. Having users be able to earn tokens through content creation, commenting, and curating provides incentives for the community to put forth good and meaningful posts.

What it does

We built a blog that a user can use to submit posts to the blockchain. It takes a private key from the user to be able to update the blockchain.

How we built it

This app is on the HIVE blockchain using Hivenet and Django.

Challenges we ran into

We had initially trouble setting up the test network and deploying it to the docker container.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were eventually able to submit our posts to the main network.

What we learned

We learned HIVE and Flask and what DPoS protocol is.

What's next for

We want to implement a user reputation system as well as setting up nodes for crypto wallets to be able to receive payments. We figured out how to send Hive tokens to accounts on the test network, so we want to implement them into the main network.

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