Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, but due to pollution, climate change, and overall poor care of the environment, we are losing millions of bees. They help pollinate the plants and without those plants, humans will not survive properly. We wanted to raise awareness of the issue and inspire others to take action and provide solutions and opportunities on how to help the cause.

What it does

Beelicious is a website designed to help the bee population and to educate others on their importance to our environment. There are webpages that includes links to bee organizations, articles, and ways to donate to help. There are also pages on different honey recipes to help support local beekeepers and a store with bee-themed merchandise. Helping our local beekeepers supports their bees and overall raising environmental health locally .

How I built it

The development of the different web pages was create on Figma and the logo and other art and icons was created and edited on Procreate. We also used some images from The Noun Project and Fontspace for the fonts.

Challenges I ran into

This was our first time using Figma so we had some difficulty navigating and trying to create pages on it. We had trouble with the proportions and components, especially when viewing the project in presentation mode and noticing the differences. We also had trouble with interactions, especially since some connections did not work or were not pointed at the correct location. The testing was also difficult as it was time consuming and we were not able to understand why some things were not working. We were able to get through these challenges through trial and error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud with how the website ended up looking. We wanted a cute and educational website dedicated to bees, and proud that we were able to design something with our limited knowledge on Figma.

What I learned

We learned many things on Figma such as wire framing and adding interactions to the pages. We also learned many new facts on bees and how they play such a big role in our environment!

What's next for Beelicious

We want to implement the search function found at the top of the webpage. This function will be used to allow visitors of the site access to search for what they are looking for. We also want to add a working search bar in the Recipes page for visitors to find a recipe. Other improvements we would like to make in the future is to link outside sources on our other pages such as Beelicious’ social media and Partnered Organizations. We also would like to create a working shop page, where users can click on an item and it will go into their cart. We also would like to add more animations in addition to the one on the main page.

Built With

  • figma
  • procreate
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