Beekeeper is an Action for Google Assistant to help you organize your diabetes data. It allows you to keep track of carb intake, blood sugar levels, and insulin doses and reports patterns based around meal times.

Beekeeper focuses on surfacing patterns. Before you enter data about your meal, Beekeeper tells you about actionable patterns that might influence how much insulin you take. After you've entered your meal data, Beekeeper lets you know about any informational patterns it's found. These patterns describe trends like, "Your two-week average blood sugar has gone down" or "You've been eating more carbs than usual at lunch in the past week."

How to Use

  1. To invoke Beekeeper for T1D, tell Google Assistant, "Talk to Beekeeper for T1D."
  2. Tell Google Assistant "Ready to bolus!"
  3. Follow the prompts.

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