Use BeeDrop to get a fast and cheap delivery service from your community and friends! Our application lets anyone to get delivery service from anyone else and to deliver for others! The modern delivery method relies on big corporations to service us, which are mostly affordable and timely enough when they are delivering items across a long distance. The main problem with their services is that they cannot efficiently handle delivery services from a nearby location or from a place that offers no direct deliver service due to their goal of batching a large amount of items within a shipment. An example day-to-day scenario that delivery companies cannot fulfill would be the following: a college student may want to buy a gallon of milk and a bag of chips in the middle of night, but he doesn't have a fast transportation mean to get to the closet supermarket. In this scenario, requesting Fedex to ship the items is simply unrealistic as a typical market does not offer such service. To solve this delivery problem, we build an application that offers communal delivery platform. It allows a user to request a delivery service from the people who often travel from the source location of your package to the user's location. We exploit the simple fact that people travel/move around all the time, and these people can easily help a person to deliver items if the delivery path overlaps with the theirs. An analogy would be a worker bee that unintentionally disseminate pollens while they are flying around to collect nectar (i.e., honey). Just like a worker bee, people can help "pollinate" packages on their daily routines.

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