Mother nature has got answer for all the crisis in this contemporary world. Looking to the way how bees communicate about their travel with their community using pheromones is awesome. They could get to know what's the status at an area and move around to gather honey vector. We took this model as an inspiration to reduce traffic congestion at tunnel and around the city.

What it does

BeeBuddy is a traffic data sharing community app where you can see real time traffic, provided by traffic data providers and data which app user share(just like bees spread pheromones in their community to help other bees), moving toward tunnel. So that user can plan his/her commute according to that and same time.

To make their commute plan more interesting, a user who is moving towards tunnel is provided by multiple options to choose, such as taking public transport, doing car pooling etc... If user go for it, then they could earn bonus points which could be redeemed for services or gifts.

With the help of OpenXC, when the commuter is in vehicle and inside the tunnel, we will show him at what speed he should travel, on his phones lockscreen, to prevent congestion inside the tunnel. The average speed would be set dynamically by using the data we received from app users.

How I built it

We built this using following softwares,

  1. Android
  2. OpenXC
  3. trnql
  4. Android Studio
  5. Parse

Challenges I ran into

Working with huge traffic and weather data patterns was bit cumbersome but with hard work, we set things right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built an app which could reach thousands of people, to make their life easier. What else could be the biggest accomplishment.

What's next for BeeBuddy

Maybe with the help of Ford and government, we could take this as a on field project and create more matured software to make things smoother.

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