Our love of speech recognition

What it does

Word games

How we built it

We wrote the code for the game in javascript and html, using the annyang and ResponsiveVoice APIs. We hosted the files on the raspberry pi using apache, and put the scoreboard on the arduino.

Challenges we ran into

We completely changed the direction our project was going multiple times throughout the weekend. We also killed our raspberry pi twice, we had to borrow a replacement pi due to ours having an inferior operating system, we learned sql and php before realizing we didnt need to use them, and we were distracted by silly putty the entire time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the hack in time.

What we learned

Python does not work well with json, raspberry PIs are really finnicky.

What's next for BeeBox

Implementing the spotify api to make it function as a music player.

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