Who is responsible for a third of our food? Bees.

What it does

Bee Worried uses a bold color scheme and chilling messages and emojis to appeal to the emotions of a visitor to lead them to support the Save The Bees Project.

How I built it

On the technical side, it is a simple static webpage, but in designing it we tested iterative designs until we reached a relative maximum of the likelihood of clicking and buying Save The Bees products. We would like thank the single anonymous tester for pretending to be more people so that we could pretend we have a large sample size.

Challenges I ran into

Resizing the video dynamically

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe Bee Worried will drive people to support the Save The Bees Project, who have much more experience than I do in the subject. By funneling people to them, we are raising awareness of the importance and fragility of bees while pushing people to support the project.

What I learned

I learned how to dynamically resize iframes and design a bold interface.

What's next for Bee Worried

SEO and advertising would be next to continue to drive more people to the Save The Bees Project webpage.

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