To save the bees!

What it does

Extends Twitch capabilities farther than e-sports.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint. This limited us in building features such as a text to sing function, multiple live streams.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to come up with a unique idea that entertains users on Twitch farther than games. We learned that we can help people understand nature and where our food comes from. The video of bees that we stream is telling us exactly where the honey that we eat came from.

What's next for Bee Lokahi

In future versions of BeeLokahi, we plan to implement features such as multiple video streams so that users can better understand the process that beekeepers experience. Another feature to better attract users is to add a text to sing feature that sings the bee movie script in random order to the user. BeeLokahi helps Darin continue to save honey bees around the world.

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