Parents get fairly tired, so we wanted to take away some of the burden of having to come up with a story after a long day of work

What it does

Prints out a new children's story based on children's stories it has read

How we built it

We trained a neural network for text generation on parts of a massive data set of children's stories we got from Facebook's own neural network research

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have enough time to fully train it on as large a data set as we would have liked

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It seems to be functionally learning things

What we learned

A lot about machine learning, which along with python and anything in google cloud services nobody in our group had done before. We also learned that Google lets you do machine learning on their virtual machines up to a certain amount, which saved us hours of waiting for my computer to process it.

What's next for Bedtime Stories

We'd like to spend a lot more time training it, and add a library for sound so it can read them out

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