I've got 4 kids and they love both Alexa and bedtime stories. So what it better than to combine the two and have Alexa tell interactive bedtime stories.

What it does

It tells a bedtime story and askes at several points in the story how it shall turn out. It remembers the decisions and alters the story accordingly.

How I built it

Based on a Node.js example by Amazon I've created a state machine that maintains the state.

Challenges I ran into

Tracking state with the Alexa session model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

German and English translation.

What I learned

Interactive speech design.

What's next for Bedtime stories

More stories. I already have the content layed out. Also native speakers as Alexa sounds too robotic for my kids. I already have professional speakers and equipment, but no time before the deadline to finish it.

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