What is it that Alexa can do to help kids relax when they go to sleep?

Everyone knows that kids can be scared of the unknown monsters that hide in the dark areas of bedrooms. This skill attempts to ease those concerns by having Alexa check for some monsters and then chase them out of the room. If she does find a monster, a light-hearted name and description should ensure that the monsters are seen as friends instead of something to be scared of.

What it does

Chases monsters that Alexa finds out of kids bedrooms to help them sleep easier.

How I built it

Nothing fancy. An AWS Lambda function to handle everything.

Challenges I ran into

Time. Basically trying to squeeze in some development in the few spare minutes I could find.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing it in time with Christmas and other commitments in the way!

What I learned

Routing the user utterance to the intent is quite easy, but you have to ensure the intent code deals with the user activating the intent out of your expected sequence. In my example, the user could trigger the 'Chase Monster' intent before they actually had checked for monsters. Alexa was telling an undefined to get out the room until I put in some error handling.

What's next for Bedtime Monster Chaser

If time permits I'd add some better sound effects to the chasing, plus push cards to the Alexa app/Echo Show screen with pictures of each monster and its description.

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