This final project is a small scale room security system build from arduino platform with several sensors. It is used to protect your privacy. It will record proof of intruder and warn the intruder.


Bedroom was like a sanctuary for me to get away from homework and annoying stuff. However, my parent didn’t respect my privacy when I was young; they always broke in my room to see if I was focusing on my homework. Also, they would go over my stuffs while I was not home. I don’t like such behavior and I believe many people face the same problem. In other word, this is a privacy security system. This system will alert the user that someone will come in the room and protect the room while the user is out. In case the intruder doesn’t commit what they did, the system is equipped with a camera that allows it to keep proof.


Since I’m using some sensors such as motion sensor, I want to use interrupt to give the system a signal that there is a intruder. For the IR receiver and RFID module,I want to use input capture to get the signal and switch between mode and disarm the system. The back up power part I had tested that the arduino can connected to at least 2 power sources and can work continuously with one power source abruptly disconnected. The relay part is fairly simple, I can use any port to control the relay.


Normal: The system is in standby mode and the motion sensor outside the room will trigger the buzzer to alert the user that someone is outside the room. The frequency of the buzzer is controlled by distance that is measured by Ultrasonic sensor. It is deactivated by enter the password or RFID card. Security: In security mode, the motion sensor inside the room is activated. If motion is detected such as door opened, the room light will be flashing according to the distance reading by the ultrasonic sensor inside the room. The camera will take series of photo and send the photos by email. The LCD screen will display warning sentence and the number of times that the system is triggered.


Motion sensor : trigger for the system while intruder get close.

RFID module: disarm the system

IR receiver: switch between mode.

Relay: control the room light as warning signal

9v battery: back-up power source for the system

Wi-Fi module: sending email to keep proof (Integrated in camera)

Camera: capture the intruder (I use wyze cam instead)

Arduino: central processor of the system

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