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BedPost is a sex diary that uses user-inputted data to help users track their risk of sexually transmitted infection.



A user should be able to sign up for an account, add their partners, and add their sexual activity. A user should be able to connect to a partner's profile for the purpose of sharing language preferences. Upon adding a sexual encounter, a user should be able to assess the risk of that encounter and receive advice about next steps for acting upon that risk (e.g. learn more about STIs they risked transmission of, learn when to get tested).


  • Account CRUD
  • Account recovery
  • Session Management
    • Log in/Log out
    • Session timeout
  • Partnership CRUD
  • Encounter CRUD
    • Risk Evaluation on Encounter Review
    • Testing Advice on Encounter Review
  • STI factsheets on all STIs mentioned
  • Guided first-time flow

Still needed

  • Guided flow system with flexibility for divergent paths
  • Back buttons everywhere
  • Views:
    • Review Partnership
    • Email templates
  • FAQ page
  • Landing page
  • Localization/copy
  • Testing
  • Data entry about diagnoses/risks
  • Accessibility Audit
  • Security Audit
  • TOU


  • input test results
    • eventually integrate with apps that receive results directly
    • eventually take existing diagnoses into account for risk calculation
  • invite partner to BedPost using profile you already set up for them
  • calculate risk to partner taking user's full risk profile into account
  • current risk overview page
  • user setting for preferred testing schedule
  • calendar integration for testing reminders
  • text/email reminders for testing
  • expedited flows (e.g. skip inputting partner info)
  • advice about talking to partners about positive test results
  • guest access for quick risk assessment without signup
  • more advanced caching
    • granular low-level caching
    • views caching/request caching?

Far Future

  • expanded user-inputed dictionary for more customized, less medical feel
  • user settings to allow certain info to be shared with partners
    • share encounter so only one user needs to put it in
    • share test results for partner's risk calculations
  • bookmark frequent activities to easily input into encounters
    • do this by prediction?
  • hide/unhide activities you never participate in
  • multiple partners in single encounter
  • multiple pronouns
  • prompt for re-evaluating relationship after time or frequent encounters
  • track pregnancy risk
  • multiple aliases in a single profile
  • put in a level of allowable risk to find out what types of sex are available within the risk category
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