The BeCycling app helps to achieve two health objectives: increase number of people who commute by bicycle and by walking.The app allows users to compare and choose the best way of commuting based on the predefined criterias. The target audience is the cizitizens of the City of Boston.

Generally speaking, people change their transportation habits very rarely, since they feel comfortable the way it is. The main driver for any change is generating a profit. For those who highly value their time, it can be saving time spent in the traffic during the roush hours. For others, the reason for change might be the money. They might ask themselves how much will they save upon the cycling to and from the workplace. Moreover, we can differentiate the eco-friendly commuters who care about carbon footprint or healthy-lifestyle supporters who do their work-out whenever and wherever is possible. In fact, the application meets the needs of all of them.

The application consists of three steps: filling the form of the commuting habits. The next one is a summary of three diiferent ways of transportation, that is walking, cycling or driving a car. And the last one, is a map depicting these results. Hopefully, the application can greatly contribute to making more informed decision and by the consequence create more eco-friendy society.

Built With

  • angular.js
  • esri-javascript-api
  • esri-map-derictive
  • esri-rest-services
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