Crowded places that we visit daily, as an example market, offices, workplace, public services buildings, etc. have high risk of contagion. So a method to track people on more common visited places could be useful. Indoors user positioning with precision is not an easy task. Some options are computer vision, wifi, infrared, earth magnetic field or Galileo Satellite, but not always working.

What it does

In orther to track the user position we decided to use beacons. So can monitor user beahaviour and control crowded places threatening safe distance. Other auxiliary methods to gather data could be useful, for example bluetooth or NFC. A ML model can monitor and predict users flows. A conversational interface is provided so the user can receive alerts and warnings. And control the app through voice

How It works

1 . Beacon positioning Position the beacons strategically in the building

2 . Circulation Users move around the building on their purposes

3 . Threat detection Space troubles are detected in some area of the building

4 . Visualization AR visualization of warning areas through the app. Or dangerous distance information by voice speech

5 . Prevention Other users can be informed about crowded areas so they can plan to go when there is less activity

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Becovu

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