Businesses get only 10% of the benefit from simply introducing a new technology or system - the other 90% only happens by changing the way we work to take advantage of the innovation. Currently many businesses like Network Rail are trying to introduce data-driven approaches to make better decisions but the culture is lagging behind.

But how do you measure culture? And how do you motivate anyone to care about something so apparently boring as data governance or project filing?

What it does

Promotes a fast, fun survey through team-based competition and a user-centred interface to maximise the rate of quality responses. Provides individuals and their managers with personalised advice based on their results, whether they come out as a Data Pioneer (just starting out) or a Data Hero! Note that data governance is not an individual pursuit - whole teams need to be following the same approach for governance to be successful. That's why our gaming concept focuses on gathering multiple opinions on team-level understanding and implementation of best practice.

How we built it

We started with a mock up of the basic survey and user journey, mapping the key pain points where people may drop out: opening the invite, click through to the survey, answering questions and being rewarded for progress and final completion.
We then developed the gaming concept to improve the engagement. We had two users in mind - James, who works in a maintenance depot and Philippa, a project manager in a design team. Each user receives a personalised invitation showing how their team is doing compared with their peers, and inviting them to follow the link to the survey. The game starts with the Data Train flying past the screen, leaving four buttons which lead to groups of questions (People, Systems etc). Every question answered advances the mini-Data Train progress bar at the bottom of the screen, and on completion balloons appear saying "Well done!" The user then sees their results and three recommendations tailored to the areas where their team needs to improve. (In the MVP, this is sent by email only. In the final build, it will also be displayed on screen at the end).

Challenges we ran into

Finding appropriate ways to make it fun and engaging, given that it is a serious subject. Demonstrating why this is relevant to users. Simplifying in a way that makes it easier to understand, not more difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a viable concept to engage users Animating a train

What we learned

Visualising the user journey and how to engage different users with the same survey.

What's next for Becoming Data Heroes

This approach can be adapted for a wide range of businesses. We're going to develop this and provide a really good solution for NR. Key areas for development:

  • data capture from the survey and reporting dashboards
  • A/B testing to refine question set.

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