Encounter Risks and Threats. Now days munich is internation city and having a land of opportunities for professonals, business, students, workers or everyone. Every days many people are coming to follow there dreams which makes necessary or our moral duty to keep this city clean, green, fresh, secured and many other things by using latest trends and technology. This will also keep munich to lead, proactive and set a new milestone in this compititive world.

What it does

My vision is to develop the best, fully autonomous AI technology that augments human’s experience in the world. We can achieve this true state of AI by combining reasoning, incremental learning and memory. This project covers 6 main use cases-

  1. Froud Detection
  2. Vehicle Management
  3. Damage Control
  4. Deception
  5. Artificial Greenry
  6. Smart Assistant.

How I built it

I used to open source tool stack to built the project, which comprises of Python, Deep Learning, Intel Library and SDK, CMake, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Big data Hadoop, Spark Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Data Integration etc.

Challenges I ran into

Image processing and comparison, Deep Learning and Accuracy to identify the object, In memory calculation for big data size streaming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have made a working demo with web portal, I have delivered the running prototype within timelimit makes me happy and confident to persisting in compititive world.

What I learned

I have learned the Python and intel sdk, image processing.

What's next for SmartMunich (city of munich)

This will solve many use cases to become munich smart city. There are fair chances to discover more use cases.

Built With

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