My friend small business owner, without efficient ways of managing his clients and potential clients. All the apps and software packages available are too big and bloated for a small business. Using the app allows small businesses to be completely mobile and keep track of their client list.

What it does

The app manages your contacts, allowing small businesses to plan and execute calls, while creating an easy way to schedule future calls and communication. Once a call is done with a customer, managers and owners can take notes and schedule tasks to make sure that they spend most of their time with clients, not managing software.

How I built it

I used example heavily to connect to the api

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge that i encountered was the oauth of, and how to connect it the gmail api

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the app was a tremendous challenge, particularly while doing my day job. Doing most of the features that were suggested by the users.

What I learned

Most of the learning was concentrated on using correctly the api

What's next for beClosing

Next for beClosing is the introduction of a number of features to further aid businesses in managing their contact lists.

  • For businesses with multiple owners and sales employees, syncing of contact list notes and schedules
  • Further integration with email, allowing businesses to see call logs and email communication between business and customer in one place and in chronological order
  • Making the app more customisable for users, allowing for expanded grouping and rich text notes.

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