What it does:

This app is a timer for high-intensity interval training that lets you select the amount of and duration of 'high intensity sets', as well as the duration of the 'low intensity sets' that follows each high intensity set. Tapping on the timer allows you to pause/continue the timer.

Runs on Windows and Android.

How we built it:

Language: Python Framework: Kivy Tools:

  • PyInstaller (to make the .exe),
  • Buildozer (to make the .apk)

Challenges we ran into:

  • Learning Kivy and using it to build a GUI with multiple 'screens'
  • Packaging the project
    • Users can't run the .py without having Kivy installed
    • Packaged into .exe file, but still must be in a folder with many other files to run.
  • Learning how to use GitHub for version control with multiple people updating code .

What's next for HIIT Timer:

  • Adding warmup and cooldown rounds
  • Adding presets, saving user preferences
  • Options to toggle sound on and off
  • Single .exe file

How to run:


(Kivy does not need to be installed for this method.)

1) Download HIIT Timer.zip from GitHub

2) Extract 'main' folder (All files must be in this folder!)

3) Run HIIT Timer.exe


1) Download HiitTimerv2.apk from GitHub

2) Run app!

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