As first year university students, we found it harder to find other communities that we were related to our program/interests/university.

What it does

We created a discord bot that recommends discord servers to the user based on their registered profile.

How we built it

It is a Node JS Application that connects to a Cloud Database (with FaunaDB).

Challenges we ran into

A lot of time was wasted brain storming ideas that were unrealistic. Therefore, we were limited on how much time we could spend on our actual project.

Also figuring out how to store/retrieve data of users which we solved through using FaunaDb.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything ! We're proud of the project itself as well as the presentation of it.

What we learned

Time management, basics of Node and Discord.js library, and FaunaDB.

What's next for BeaverBot

Overtime, by advertising to existing discord servers we are connected to, we expect 500 plus users to get integrated into our platform in less than a few days. Additionally, once "beaver" gets used in one server, the traction it will generate will allow us to spread our services and additionally once reaching 50 plus servers we can provide implementation of new features that will improve our services such as: cloud database, verified servers, verified users, optimized server recommendations, and tag-based user searching.

Our goal is to connect beaver, with all University discord servers, providing users a centralized database to access a wide range of open communities.

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