Stephanie is really passionate about makeup. Sanjita is always telling her that she spends a lot of money on it. In order to cut down on her spending, Stephanie watches anti-consumerism videos on YouTube and joins forums like Sephora's, but often, YouTubers are sponsored, and companies are constantly trying to push you to buy products. They end up having the reverse effect and cause you to invest more in makeup than you'd like to. Stephanie and Sanjita are both Python programmers and this is their first time trying HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. The website itself was only able to be partly completed because of the short amount of time given to learn two new languages. It has a login (username: bobross, password:12345) and it redirects to a profile page for you. One problem Sanjita and Stephanie faced is not knowing how to store different profiles. They were only able to work with one today. On the profile page, you can go to your makeup inventory, which includes various products that you can remove based on what products you own. It then tells you your total amount of money in your inventory. Sanjita and Stephanie spend 3 hours trying to learn to use a makeup API from a third-party website, but in the end were not able to use it and had to just hardcode some products in. Additionally, they were able to create a sign up page but were not able to create profiles. They would like to work on this in the near future. Sanjita and Stephanie were also unable to use the remove button application because of the hardcoding. One thing that they are very proud of is learning so much HTML in one day's time. They were proud that they were able to create a somewhat good-looking webpage with their small amount of HTML knowledge. Next for BeautySmart, Sanjita and Stephanie want to figure out a way to store multiple profiles, and implement API's so that they don't run into problems because of hardcoding. Additionally, a 'contributions' tab was added, but they did not get to creating the actual blog. In the future, that would be turned into a place where makeup users can discuss honest opinions on products and decrease the amount of money that they waste on unreliable products.

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