The idea for Beauty Bounty stems mostly from my personal lack of design skill and sense. I often have several ideas or projects but get hung up when it comes to the design and UI/UX portions.

My design skills consist of accessing and arranging PowerPoint shape. Lest to say I know that UI/UX matter so the idea with Beauty Bounty is to let developers focus on the code while outsourcing the UI design and frontend coding in a streamlined fashion.

What it does

Beauty Bounty works by catering to 3 personas. First is the Designer this is someone with the skills and knowledge to work with Photoshop or Sketch or really just any set of design tools to create awesome experiences. Next there is the Frontend developer. This is a person skilled in HTML, AXML, Storyboard or XAML manipulation to implement designs as specified by the designer. Finally there is the Backend developer or the requestor. This is the person who uploads their low fidelity mockup's or designs with a bounty amount for the other two personas to work their magic.

How I built it

The app was built using C# and WPF to create a windows desktop application. It also leverages Facebooks Login Kit for signing in and signup. In addition it utilizes API's provided by Stripe for payments and Upwork's API to issue and assign work to designers and front end developers.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly time constraints. Would love to continue to develop this idea out further and more. Also because I ran out of time I was only able to develop for Windows.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally getting the idea out of my head and at least planting the seeds to help developers all over the world overcome their design stigmas.

What I learned

How to string together APIs and Utilize the Facebook login kit

What's next for Beauty Bounty

I will continue to iterate and improve the functionality. In the future developers will be able to specify in greater detail their request. Include a stop loss capability and I hope to include logo design and offer a cheaper alternative to 99 designs.

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