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We purchased a small salon in Silicon Valley right before the pandemic of 2020. During the shutdown we rebranded, expanded by adding nine chairs, and hired our first commission stylist.

Three years in we employ 9 people, rent chairs to 18 amazing stylists, and provide a 401k and health benefits. We're only getting started.

Using proven business methods, we've increased the annual gross of THE STUDIO LOS GATOS by 10x. We want to give independent stylists and salon owners the business tools and education to be successful.

What it does

Our app coaches hair stylists and salon owners how to grow a full book, work with an apprentice, become a renter, and if it's their path; run a successful salon with multiple employees. We're combining high-tech and low-tech; giving stylists metrics to measure – then coaching how to improve each.

Our Weekly Worksheet provides a regular cadence for stylists to review and track their performance, while encouraging them to practice good financial habits like saving for taxes and retirement.

How we built it

Studio Metrics was originally an internal tool we built to pull more detailed reporting information from Square for performance reviews of our stylists. After sharing it with a few other salon owners we realized this would be helpful for a lot more people than just us.

Challenges we ran into

The Square Oauth API flow was a bit difficult to figure out out first, but we made it! It would be helpful if the Oauth api had a "user" endpoint we could grab directly to pull the authenticated user; but we're working around that by grabbing searching the "team" endpoint for the account owner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first full-stack Typescript / Next.js / Google Cloud app. Previously we wrote mostly everything in Rails… We're storing all downloaded data in Google Big Query for performant reporting and data warehousing with a Go microservice.

What we learned

Next time we should probably stick to the tools that we know…although it was fun learning Typescript!

What's next for Studio Metrics

Building out the entire feature set, testing with a small group of people, and hopefully launching in q4 of this year!

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