I love birds Community - I visited last year with my parents Cornell Lab of Ornithology for birds. They are dedicated to advancing the understanding and protection of the natural world. At that time I got inspired to do a project on Beautiful Bird World. Birds give a message for kindness and peace. As human beings, we should help the bird community to make their world more beautiful.

Due to current all kinds of pandemic situations, I wanted to provide community natural relax tools and same time urge them to help the bird community

What it does

Beautiful Bird world website helps the community to reduce their anxiety during a pandemic and shows ways how you can connect with birds..

Purpose of Beautiful Bird gives information for various kinds of Bird Spices and shows the way how we can save the bird community during a wildfire. It's also providing interactive games ref to birds and provide research tools reference birds.

  • Features- Bird Spices information Birds Research Information Bird Interactive games Wildfire impact on Birds A natural healing tool to the community during a pandemic Arts connection with Bird Donation

How I built it

HTML5 and Javascript

Challenges I ran into

I am a junior in high school and alone with the project. Time was a major challenge to do this project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I tried to level best to give my thoughts to the community ref to bird

What I learned

I connected my self now more with Birds-- While doing this project

What's next for Beautiful Bird World!

I wanted to do more research on Bird using AI tools

Built With

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