On the car ride to the hackathon me and my friends made jokes about who gets rejected from a job the fastest and as the dust settled we realized that in the long run there's a critical mistake in our resume that's affecting our future. We did some research and found common mistakes in our resumes that clearly have our resumes rejected by a bot. We decided to remedy that by, beating the bot.

What it does

Lets users know when there's a flaw in their resume and if there isn't, compares a users resume and to a perspective job for soft and hard skills. Also recommend jobs that are very similar to what your looking for.

How I built it

Html/Js/CSS front end, Node JS/Python backend for ML

Challenges I ran into

Finding the similarity for keywords was a major issue for us. The K-Means algorithm did not want to cooperate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Used ML for the first time

What I learned

how careful we need to be as developers when fine tuning our data

What's next for BeatTheBot

Auto complete job applications for jobs that a user has a high similarity for.

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