We are team #27 on discord, team members are: anna.m#8841, PawpatrollN#9367, FrozenTea#9601, bromainelettuce#8008. Domain.com challenge: [beatparty.tech]


Due to the current pandemic, we decided to create a way for people to exercise in the safety of their home, in a fun and competitive manner.

What it does

BeatParty is an augmented reality mobile app designed to display targets for the user to hit in a specific pattern to the beat of a song. The app has a leaderboard to promote healthy competition.

How we built it

We built BeatParty in Unity, using plug-ins from OpenPose, and echoAR's API for some models.

Challenges we ran into

Without native support from Apple ARkit and Google AR core, on the front camera, we had to instead use OpenPose, a plug-in that would not be able to take full advantage of the phone's processor, resulting in a lower quality image.

What we learned


  • We learned how to implement libraries onto unity and how to manipulate elements within such folder.
  • We learned how to do the basics in Unity, such as making and creating hitboxes
  • We learned how to use music and create and destroy gameobjects.


  • We learned how to implement various UI components such as making an animated logo alongside simpler things such as using buttons in Unity.

What's next for BeatParty

The tracking software can be further developed to be more accurate and respond faster to user movements. We plan to add an online multiplayer mode through our website ([beatparty.tech]). We also plan to use EchoAR to make better objects so that the user can interact with, (ex. The hitboxes or cosmetics). BeatParty is currently an android application and we have the intention to expand BeatParty to both IOS and Windows in the near future.

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