How it works

  • Launch music player app in mobile.

  • Use beatObox in Gear to control music through gesture.

Why it is useful

  • No need to hold a mobile always to control music.

  • Perfect for anytime on your way to work, in public transport, while running or just relaxing.

  • beatObox responds to gesture. So, no need to look into watch precisely to deliver a command.

  • Works seamlessly with Spotify, Samsung Music Hub, Google Play and most other major music player apps on Android mobile.

What are the gesture-based controls

  • Tap to play/pause.

  • Swipe left/right to change track.

  • Swipe up/down to control volume.

Additional features


  • User can view songs available in the mobile and select to play from Gear.

  • Equalizer in Gear allows to alter the audio frequencies of the song being played.

  • Auto dim feature saves the battery life.

  • beatObox shows current date, time and weather as well.

  • The user interface is modern and stylish.


  • beatObox in mobile performs the task of a basic music player app.

  • Like Gear, the app in mobile also provides equalizer.

Advanced control for Gear from mobile

  • Set preferred temperature unit (C/F).

  • Set preferred time format (12/24 hour).

  • Set illumination on wrist up (on/off).

  • Disable playing song when headphone is not connected, which is useful in places like office or so.

  • Set preferred duration (sec) to dim the display of Gear.

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