1. No need to hold a mobile phone to control music.

  2. No need to look into your watch precisely to deliver a command.

  3. Perfect for anytime on your way to work, in public transport, while running or just relaxing.

  4. Works seamlessly with Spotify, Samsung Music Hub, Google Play and most other major music player apps on your Android phone.

Gesture-based control:

  1. Tap to play/pause.

  2. Swipe left/right to change tracks.

  3. Swipe up/down to control volume.


  1. No need to exit the app to see the current date, time and weather*.

  2. Tapping on the top right battery icon dims the display, which is useful to save battery life.

  3. Tapping on the top left weather icon toggles between temperature units (Centigrade/Fahrenheit).

To do in future:

  1. Show playlists on Gear 2.

  2. Auto-dim feature to save battery life.

  3. Advanced music control options in Gear 2.

*Credits: Open Weather Map (http://openweathermap.org)

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