We wanted a dashboard that could empower users to get answers that we could not anticipate regarding music playback related location data.

What it does

The interface consists mostly of a large map on which the user can draw a polygon. The top ten most played songs within that polygon are then loaded in the sidebar.

How we built it

Our frontend is relatively basic and is mostly centered around mapbox libraries to handle the "drawing". The backend is a flask app which queries scraped data from a database in GCP.

Challenges we ran into

The source data we wanted to display was not query-able by location (latitude/longitude) so we needed to first pull the data into a database we controlled to be able to query it more efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we were able to accomplish most of the vision we had at the start of the weekend. Although far from perfect, our project is functional and fun to play with.

What we learned

The scale of data we had to wrangle was something new for all of us and it forced us to be exposed to new tech.

What's next for beatmap

We are still unsatisfied with the delays when querying the data and we would have loved to be able to add more interesting visualizations.

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