The drug crisis have claimed a lot of lives in BC and most of those death are due to absence of bystanders and inability for those victims to help themselves.

What it does

A hand band that detects oxygen saturation, pulse and breathing rate of a person, which upon detection of abnormal reading, will alert relevant parties for help without intervention of the wearer. Upon activation, the first responder will be alerted of patient's location, and patient's physical condition will be streamed live on their platform.

How we built it

Hardware: Using Arduino 101 and grove shield components Software: React Signal Processing: Python Prediction and detection: Python, SKLearn, Keras

Challenges we ran into

Mobile platform and simulator crashing all the time. React, problem understanding documentation and scripting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to use node.js, building a webapp from scratch.

What we learned

Node.js, building how to build a web app

What's next for DropTheHeartBeat

Linking to mobile, heat maps, accurate oximeter reading.

Built With

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