Inspiration was the Logitech challenge, about how can running experience be improved. It's very difficult for beginners to know what should be there running pace be and how should they bring variations in pace while running. Our solution provides an interesting way to engage people to run and schedule their training.

What it does

The application has two entities, a smartphone, which is playing a music and a smartwatch which communicates the pace of runner to phone. Phone application adapts the music being played to pace and provides feedback to runner to correct the pace. The sound distorts when pace doesn't match the beat. This very intuitive way for humans to learn something new.

How I built it

Using Android SDK both the phone and watch application were developed. Using accelerometer data, the steps per second is estimated and this informations is sent to the phone application to change the sampling rate of the music being played.

Challenges I ran into

  • Setting up Android environment for the development was problem, as the phone and watch are running different levels of API.
  • Android Wear step counter isn't precise for Polar M600 watches, used in the development. A lot of time was wasted to figure out correct to query the sensor.
  • Also there is a delay between the communication between watch and phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Able to merge the hardwares and learning new Android framework.

What I learned

  • Patience :)

What's next for BeatIt

  • Integrating other sensors from watch
  • Plan a running schedule for training with music having different set of beat.
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