Music is something that can easily be an important part of someone's life; yet they may never be able to truly express the music they are holding within them. We like to think that we've helped close that gap a bit more. Inspired by those who like to make music with the objects surrounding them, Beatenoid was created. Anyone who wants to create music from their environments, playing with the different materials around them will certainly find this to be an amazing experience.

Beatenoid is an 'internet-of-things' device that is controlled through your smartphone, and allows you to generate the rhythms you've been holding within. Using the mobile app, you can tell multiple Beatenoid's what rhythm to follow, how fast, creating music from every day objects (like cans, glass, wood,etc).

Features: -Create music through solenoids in REAL-TIME! -Place the devices on any surface nearby! No instruments required! -An Intuitive GUI that allows anyone to jump into the fun! -More Buzzwords!

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