To empower people to be able to express themselves. The hearing impaired may be unable to dance along in scenarios where they would be unable to feel the bass from loudspeakers. Our vision is to allow them to feel the rhythm while remaining discrete. Our app provides confidence to the hearing impaired to express themselves like anyways.

What it does

The SmartWatch app vibrates to the beat of the music in real-time allowing those unable to hear to dance along.

How we built it

Utilizing aubio to analyze audio data in REAL-TIME, we're able to generate BPM information. With that information we're able to generate tactile feedback for our users to FEEL the rhythm. Our analysis deconstructs the DNA of the music in order to identify key points within songs to reconstruct the beat.

Challenges we ran into

Utilizing frameworks and tackling signal analysis to capture the BPM of songs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Utilizing those frameworks succesfully while learning to implement android-wear technology

What we learned

Android-wear is similar to typical android development

What's next for

Continuing refinement of the signal processing to eliminate and analysis error

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