Bullying affects 1 in 5 people worldwide. I wanted to create a website that could help decrease that number, by creating a website that educates, spreads awareness, and provides support for everyone-- not just the victims. I also thought about where cyberbullying occurs most, and instantly thought of discord (considering that's where the hackathon was hosted), and decided to create a discord chat bot that detects negativity and warns users that they are saying something negative.

What it does

Through this website, users (parents, youth, or professionals) can find reliable advice and information on bullying. Users can talk about what's on their mind to counselors in real time, find other popular resources and use our own coded resources such as our discord bot!

How we built it

I used HTML, CSS, and JS for the website, and python for the discord bot. I designed the prototype on figma, and the QOOM editor and their tutorials.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints were an issue. My team members were not available this weekend, so I had to work by myself. I also was a beginner in front-end languages, so I had to get help from mentors a lot to style things the way I wanted. Lots and lots of w3schools and StackOverflow as well. I ended up creating 6 html pages which I am extremely proud of, considering my skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created everything myself... from prototype to finish. I really learned a lot about the front-end. (see below). I also learned how to create a discord bot, which was really cool!

What we learned

I learned a lot about JavaScript (countdown) and CSS (hover, scrolling, positioning, backgrounds, images, buttons, aligning, box shadowing, so much more to name). I wanted to incorporate the JS workshop (Countdown) in my website, as well as projects from QOOM! Reading and using the two projects from QOOM really expanded my knowledge on HTML (SVG, input, polygon, button, animations) and JavaScript (chat app, card page). Through one of the mentors, I learned so much about HTML, like tables, headings (nav) and lists!

What's next for BeatBullying

Finish the website by adding pages for professionals and parents. The chat app would also be more reliable, showing the counselors who are online. I would also like to implement a 'share your story' feature so it would post questions, or stories for others to read about and provide advice. For my discord bot, I hope to incorporate machine learning to make it more reliable, and give it permissions to mute for a specific amount of time.


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