For musicians, impromptu jam sessions can be sometimes a hassle, as you often need other musicians to build on your ideas. A melody maker needs percussionists, a percussionist needs melody makers, and conductors need symphonies. In order to fill this void, our hack BeatBot uses Myo technology and a robust beat detection algorithm to provide you with virtual musicians with inherent musicality—your musicality. You set the tempo, you set the style, and BeatBot will be your impromptu jam buddy.

BeatBot was inspired in part by countless hours of trying to practice jamming with others alone--from riffing the 12-bar blues on our own without a percussionist to lead the way, to air conducting imaginary symphonies. Using the Myo on your forearm, it currently follows your tempo, and will eventually follow other metrics like your key, volume and style, in order to provide a drum line or play a virtual ensemble to your musical choices. At this hackathon, we used the BeatBot to follow your strumming pattern on guitar and display an Arduino controlled LED display to show our output drum line. From the classically trained conductor to the 13-year-old punk fan, we hope BeatBot can always be your musical companion.

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