In the internet age, sharing music is a struggle: how can we spread good art online while also consistently supporting its creators? Conventional models have focused on ads or monthly subscriptions, but this does not account for a wide variation in product use. With streaming technology, we provide a fair platform where users only pay for how much they hear.

What it does

Beatblox provides a platform for music creators to share their content. Listeners can browse through a library of new songs. Creators and listeners are connected through the blockchain payment systems Coil and the Interledger protocol to bridge the gap by supporting the industry's best artists. From the moment a listener presses play, a payment stream through coil is activated, which remains until the playing stops. The unique advantages of blockchain are utilized through its strength in microtransactions: every second, only a fraction of a penny is transferred.

How we built it

The front-end of Beatblox is built on the Wix Code development environment. An elaborate process in the back-end connects Beatblox to the Coil and Interledger protocol, and is hosted on Microsoft Azure. To support audio upload and streaming in Wix, we developed an intermediary back-end layer which we connected to Wix through proxies.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the difficulties we encountered were due to our task of merging a plethora of different platforms and technologies in Wix and Coil integration. For instance, native audio uploading is not supported by Wix, so we took the challenge to create our own process. A substantial effort was needed to properly link our multiple components of the backend to communicate well with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have unique integration of the platforms and softwares that we used in this product, from audio streaming to blockchain streaming technology.

What we learned

Conventional views on technologies can be pushed so that they can be integrated and combined in order to create new and exciting products for any industry. In our situation, we successfully combined platform integrations that were never imagined before.

What's next for Beatblox

The development of creating a community around our creator's music would be a great step forward for Beatblox. We envision a future where indie collaborators can explore, discuss, and collaborate together in music projects.

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