"Beat the Odds" is a web-based game in which students are challenged to develop and use probability models. In Training Mode, students are presented with coins, dice, or cards, and are asked to compute the probability of a specific scenario (from a library of about 1000 questions). If students aren't sure of the answer, they can run as many random trials as they want to get a better sense of what the probability might be.

In Competition Mode, students are again presented with specific scenarios, and are asked to predict how many times (out of 100 trials) a specific result will occur. After running the 100 trials, whoever is closest to the experimental result wins the round.

Both Training Mode and Competition Mode become increasingly challenging as the student advances in the game and levels up. For example, compound probability questions are introduced when the student reaches Level 3. With these two gameplay modes, "Beat the Odds" was specifically designed to align with the 7th grade common core standards in statistics and probability.

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