Fun! We're not trying to change the world here, we just wanna have a good time.

What it does

The Bomb has 12 faces, each having a stressful challenge. Read the LCD screen to see your challenge, find the face with the challenge on it, and BEAT THE BOMB before the time runs out! If you're speedy enough and don't get your hands blown off, pass it on to the next player and pray for their extremities.

How we built it

We googled around looking for neat 3D shapes for a case, and settled on the elegantly strange dodecahedron. While that was 3D printing, we grabbed every damn sensor the Arduino could handle and put our game-maker hats on. All our code is written in C++, with plenty of assistance from our wise mentor Mr. Google Search.

Challenges we ran into

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Granola bar overdose
  • How do I C++?
  • That awkward moment after 6 hours of 3D printing when you realize it was an older version of your model so you gotta find a drill and start improvising

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We like to think it doesn't suck! And it looks cool.

What we learned

Arduino modules, C++, and our love for Yerba Mate drinks

What's next for Beat the Bomb

Real explosives

Built With

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