The audience often has no interaction with the concert, except clapping (and singing in Christmas Concerts). But for youth concerts, many can't (or won't) sit still, and phones are often allowed at concerts where some hosts even encourage sharing on social media (as long as your phone is on silent). But why not take this one step further, and let anyone participate in the concert no matter where they are in the world?

What it does

This hack is a rhythm game, like Guitar Hero. However, it web based and synced across all devices listening in. When the host begins the track, the audience becomes the orchestra as their performance in the game drives the notes of the piece.

How I built it

App Engine handles ajax requests and hosts files. The client is a simple html page that stores the javascript game, as well as loading the music to play, and a json file that stores a custom built beatmap. The /host page begins a 10 second countdown where all players are synced up and the game loaded in on devices.

Challenges I ran into

I like sleeping. Also I have no prior experience with app engine, and very little experience in pure javascript. I have never made a web game before and have not used any javascript libraries to keep the app lightweight.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made it do a thing and you can check it out here:

What I learned

Web stuff is really easy but also really hard.

What's next for Beat Sync

  • Proper clock syncing between devices
  • More instruments
  • More songs
  • More tracks (instruments, difficulty etc.)
  • Graphics
  • Score saving
  • Turn the audience into a virtual orchestra
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