I was inspired of NFT evaluation idea - when I browsed NEAR NFT marketplace and didn't find a really cool NFT from one artist. Every time I saw the same NFTs that were "in trends" but no chances for new artist to be there

What it does

Beat My NFT (BMT) - is a WEB3 NFT evaluation service that helps people to understand NFT value and arrange them in one place.

How we built it

I was starting built PoC variant by myself just to cover main idea, modeling contest and voting flow. Then I've aded leaderboard, some helpful pages. Made a pitch deck to explain main things. Actually it's a wide field for developing and improvements

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's a unique service on NEAR (I guess not only on NEAR) right now that opens a new era of NFT evaluation

What we learned

How to work with NEAR, ipfs and build blockchain projects

What's next for Beat My NFT

  • Add BMT token
  • integration with wallet NFTs
  • open API to get NFT ranking (helpful for marketplaces)
  • transform MVP into real valuable product

Built With

  • filecoin
  • ipfs
  • near-js-sdk
  • react.js
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