Beat is a application that aims to let a user logon to their account with their heartbeat and send a vibration notification of their heartbeat to someone else. Inspiration came from Valentine's day and thinking out of the box of what a regular password is. ## Inspiration ## What it does

We attempted to use the Samsung SDK to get access to the heart rate sensor on the application utilizing Android Studio. To get the heartbeat message to another phone, we worked on making the server compatible with the device and sending push notifications. Progressed to editing the programs and adding JSON Objects to parse in data containing the user information. ## How we built it

Challenges we ran into were learning how to use android studio for the first time, unable to access the Samsung SDK and Samsung Health SDK without approval, no access to the the heart rate sensor, coding the phone to connect to the sever and learning JSON, and trying to combine visual files to code for the UI/UX aspect. ## Challenges we ran into

We are so proud that we chose such a challenging and unique project because we know what it is like to learn different software and technologies for the first time and how rewarding it feels. We were also encouraged by how many people and employers were interested in our idea and supported our hard work. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned that this project is completely doable and worthwhile. All the hard work we put in made us masters in what we learned from making this application. Each one of us dived deep into something we didn't know and now we know how to work with servers, API's, Android Studio, writing HTTP requests, Firebase and JSON ## What we learned

Get access to the Samsung SDK to be able to access the heart rate monitor on Android devices, connect the application with the server, and to see this application in the app store tomorrow! ## What's next for Beat

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