When our first idea started to fall apart, we alleviated the stress with bear puns. When we realized there was a world of opportunity surrounding bears we took on the idea in full force.

What it does

Upon opening the app you are presented with three decisions: "Bear with Me", "Might be a Bear", or an Arrow that leads to "The Bear Necessities". The "Bear with Me" section will display a random bear meme, then an option to learn some key facts about a type of bear. We do have a page on each major type of bear. The "Might be Bears" section will display a bear meme and give you the option to learn more about an app as well, however, you may find out that these might not be bears. "The Bear Necessities" displays a directory with categories that make it easier to find bears.

How we built it

Bearly: An App was developed for iOS 9.2 using Xcode/Swift. The app uses a series of view controllers to display each page of bear information, and utilizes a series of functions and classes to structure and randomize the entries

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was successfully randomizing the bear memes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We went into this with zero experience in app development and minimal experience in coding; yet we have created a fully functioning iOS app.

What we learned

iOS development is tricky, but it goes pretty smoothly once you get the hang of it. We also learned a great amount of information about different bear types.

What's next for Bearly: An App

After creating this, we realize the potential for making very similar apps that focus in on other species. There is no other app out there that combines bear facts with bear memes, we see opportunities for making other fun learning apps!

Built With

  • ios-9.2-(swift)
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