Bearer Stage was created to fill the financing gap that exists when tokenizing travel products.

What it does

Bearer Stage works by enabling token distributors to finance the purchase of bearer tokens which are NFTs with attached real world utility like for example a stay at a hotel for a night. Bearer Stage enables ordinary people to finance distributors in exchange for a perpetual coupon that pays the ordinary person interest on a monthly basis. For the token distributor, Bearer Stage enables them to finance their token purchases and pay back their borrowing according to their real-time business schedule. The risks to the operation are managed using on chain smart contracts and cryptocurrency

How we built it

Bearer stage is build using solidity and React.js for the UI. We use IPFS to store the documentary info with respect to issued tokens

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenges we ran into were to do with scoping as the project is quite big, however we were able to overcome this difficulty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Bearer Stage

Our next objective is to build further and grow our community whilst investigating regulatory requirements.

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