Hello HackViolet! We are Bare Skin, your new go to skin care habit tracker, built to inspire and encourage healthy skin care habits. Our main inspiration came from our desire to build an app that was fun, functional, and would encourage one of the best skin care practices of all: consistency. We aim to reach new skincare users through our simplified routine tracking, and bring delight to experienced skincare veterans through our adorable bear buddy and user community. New beginners can often be overwhelmed by all the skincare steps, and we wanted to design something that was gender-neutral, fun, and easy. Our name, Bare Skin, inspired us to make a cute and customizable bear figure who never stops believing in you, spouts skincare facts, and offers an incentive to complete your skincare routine every day, morning and night.

What it does

Bare Skin tracks the completion of your skincare routine morning and night, using a checklist feature with a routine inputted by the user. By regularly completing your skincare routine, you can maintain "streaks", multiple days in a row where you have completed your skincare routine morning and night. By maintaining streaks, you keep your bear happy (measured by the handy bear-ometer), and are able to earn coins to buy them fun accessories! There is also a blog type feature within the app filled with articles on skincare for those who want to explore and learn more, a saved posts feature, insights based on your history of tracking your skincare completion, additions to your skincare routine, etc.

How I built it

Our logo, branding, and icon design were done within Adobe Illustrator. We prototyped and wireframed our app within Figma, and used HTML/CSS for developing a web-based version of our app.

Challenges I ran into

We originally were inspired to make an Android App and began prototyping it as such. However, our team member who was familiar with coding Android Apps dropped out of the competition suddenly, and we instead had to adapt, pivoting towards coding in HTML/CSS and prototyping it as an iOS app, as that was what was in our skillset. Although our prototype is an iOS app, we coded a web-based version.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of us overcoming the sudden departure of a team member and being adaptable, filling the gaps with our own knowledge and skillsets and continuing to create a project we are all incredibly proud of. We are also incredibly proud of our concept and ideation, and believe this app would be extremely useful for encouraging regular skincare maintenance, both in new and experienced users, as it gamifies the whole experience, making it fun while simultaneously building healthy habits.

What I learned

We learned a lot about time management, adaptability, and distanced teamwork across entirely different time zones!

What's next for Bear Skin

Our next goals would be to add to the experience by including more customization options and gamification of the "bear". In our next update/iteration, we want to include the ability to build and customize the bear's own space! Whether it be a cave, a castle, treehouse, or cozy living room, the inclusion of a new environment will give users something to progress towards. Perhaps linking towards a weather database as well would allow us to customize notifications and reminders, such as reminding users to wear sunscreen on particularly sunny days. We also hope to make our app more accessible for users, including possible text to audio features and color blindness support.

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